Data Analytics and Strategy Consultants

Health and Social Sector Analysis (HSSA)

Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics & Prescriptive Analytics

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At HSSA we provide clients with advanced economics and statistical analyses of the markets in which they operate.  Our team consists of Ph.D. economists  who specialize in the analysis and interpretation of large scale time-series databases of both inpatient and outpatient services.  Our economists offer free consultations, contact us.

Customized Online Courses for Your Team


Through the ELIAS Academy, an HSSA online learning platform, we provide customized online courses that are tailored to your specific needs.  With current or former university professors designing and overseeing the implementation of all courses, you can rest assured that the content and quality of our courses are of the highest standards.  

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Social Media Monitoring, Analytics & Reporting


Our ELIAS social media monitoring tool provides you with the ability to reply, engage, track, listen and monitor what others are saying about your products or services.  Our integrated system allows clients to set up custom streams to organize their content and to filter threads by keyword, location, hashtag and other sorting algorithms through a single account.

Strategic Services for Your Success


Empowering your team

Through our Electronic Language Integrated Application System (ELIAS) and with the big data analytic support offered by HSSA, your business will have the data analytic support necessary for making optimal strategic choices.  Our statistically precise econometric models provide clients with keen insights into the predictive behaviors of consumers and competitors.  We provide consistent, precise and timely results.

Saving you valuable time and resources

Put an end to signing into multiple social media accounts and spending countless hours monitoring and strategically positioning your company's social media profile.  In addition to 24 hour monitoring of your profile, our system of reporting and social media analytics provides you with targeted insights into the performance of your social media campaigns, while our economic analyses keeps you abreast of any forecasted changes in your market dynamics.

Drive customer loyalty through strategic engagements

Obtain ongoing insights into the needs of current and prospective customers or patients, by conducting readily administered online surveys.  Use our customer satisfaction surveys to drive customer loyalty and gain insights into their preferences and perceptions; while our employee engagement or other customized surveys assists you in targeting your scarce resources towards areas that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operation.

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The Analytics You Need for Optimal Business Decisions


Forecasting Consumer and Patient Behaviors

We utilize descriptive analytics to formulate an overview of the market for your services and the attributes of your customers or patients; predictive analytics to forecast the economic behaviors of consumers or the utilization behaviors of patients and prescriptive analytics to formulate recommendations based upon our analyses.


Social Media Integration, Analytics and Timely Reports

Our ELIAS social media platform allows your business to manage its social media accounts from a single secure platform.  There is no need to share your login details with us, instead you connect your profiles and pages through a widget on our website. You can tailor a package to suit your needs (e.g., scheduling or monitoring only or both) or you may choose to have us manage the social media marketing and communications of your business. 

Your social media analytics are provided in our reports hub, at agreed upon intervals.  We employ a data visualization tool that makes understanding results simple yet comprehensive: no need to plow through columns and rows of perplexing data. 


Insight Into Your Local Market Structure, Competitive Forces and Value Added

Our market structure analysis allows clients to obtain detailed insight into their local and regional markets.  We utilize federal, state and local databases to gain insights into demographic trends, socioeconomic characteristics of populations, morbidity, mortality, labor force participation, ability to pay, health insurance coverage and an array of other factors of importance in forecasting market dynamics.  Our online data visualization tool with GIS mapping assists clients in understanding these dynamics in a readily accessible and user-friendly way.

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Social Media Monitoring, Analytics & Strategies

Integrate Your Social Media Platforms


We service all key social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yelp and even blogs such as Medium and WordPress.  You can engage all of your company's social media activities in one location, the ELIAS social media platform.  In fact, depending upon your needs we can monitor and post on your behalf, and provide detailed analytic reports on the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

Get an Overview of Your Key Metrics


Our customized analytic dashboards allow clients to gain better understanding of how followers engage with their content.  The ELIAS social media listening tools help you prioritize your replies by highlighting whether mentions are positive, negative or neutral.  Our keywords monitoring capabilities provide you with insight into what is being said about other brands on social networks and blogs. Use our analytics to identify optimal post times and measure your best performing post, while easily tracking your return on investment by establishing key social media performance indicators. 

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Customized Online Training Courses

PERSONALIZED: our online courses are designed based upon the specific needs of your business and employees.  We emphasize providing learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to increase their workplace productivity and intellectual curiosity.  An initial assessment of each learner's baseline knowledge of a particular topic is conducted prior to enrollment.  This allows for a more tailored approach to our course design.  

ENGAGING: our ELIAS Academy online learning platform allows instructors to engage students throughout the course.  As current and former university professors we understand that successful and consistent engagement of learners leads to better learning outcomes and subject comprehension. 

CURRENT AND RELEVANT: the content of our courses are under continuous revision.  This ensures that the topical areas covered are up-to-date and relevant to the needs of your industry.  Our focus is on knowledge acquisition and workplace applications.

ACCESSIBLE: our web-based learning platform has been optimized for use on desktop and mobile devices. This makes the course readily accessible to learners, irrespective of their geographical location.  Each course can be modified for short-term (more concentrated knowledge development) or extended for a more comprehensive understanding of a topic.  In any event, we will work with you to determine the length of the course desired.

APPLICABILITY:  a cornerstone of our customized courses is that they must be applicable to the needs of individual or group learners.  We conduct post-course assessments to determine the effectiveness of each course, relative to the capacity building goals specified in our learners' initial assessments.

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We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your training needs, and to discuss how HSSA can become your preferred online training partner.  To learn more about the ELIAS Academy click the link below.

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