Big Data Analytics for Health and Higher Education


MARKET STRUCTURE ANALYSIS:  understanding and keeping abreast of changes in the market for health care services is essential for any provider.  If you are an existing provider or a new entrant into the market, Health and Social Sector Analysis (HSSA) provides  detailed insight into your local and regional markets, level of competition, the distribution of morbidity, optimal pricing structure, population insurance coverage and patients' demand for services and products - to mention a few.  This information is used to determine your relative positioning in the market, as well as the forecasted demand for your services.

BIG DATA ANALYTICS: with the advent of electronic health records (EHRs) clinicians find themselves bombarded with a complex array of quantitative and qualitative information, of which they must compile, interpret and maintain.  As experienced health economists and clinicians, the personnel at HSSA are highly skilled at the modeling, interpretation and usage of utilization and claims data.  We are well-versed in ICD-10, HCPCS, CPT and DRG coding requirements.  We provide organizations with the data analytic support to meet third-party reporting obligations, enhance patient outcomes and maximize insurance reimbursement.

PATIENT MIX AND RISK MANAGEMENT: through the analyzes of prior and current utilization data, as well as the socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of patients, we employ predictive analytics to forecast the utilization and compliance behaviors of patients.  In addition, our patient-level predictive modeling assists clients in segmenting patients into diagnostic specific risk-classes which enables more effective and efficient management of patients.  This information can be stratified based upon key performance indicators (KPIs) and compared to nationwide benchmarks. 

PATIENT AND EMPLOYEE SURVEYS: utilizing our ELIAS survey system, we provide clients with customized surveys to conduct patient satisfaction, as well as employee workplace and productivity assessments.  Our surveys are designed and implemented based upon the specific needs of our clients.  Our ELIAS social media monitoring systems provides additional insights into current and prospective patients' sentiments and preferences.   

ONLINE COURSES: through the ELIAS Academy clients are provided with a comprehensive selection of online training courses.  All courses may be customized to meet the specific needs of our clients.  Each course is designed and taught by current or former university professors and doctoral-level professionals with extensive subject matter expertise, and its practical applications.

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