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ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT ANALYTICS:  we provide colleges and universities with the data analytic support to forecast student enrollment based upon market structure analysis, demographics, scholarship, location, program offerings, financial aid offerings, prior enrollment behaviors, CIP code majors and other variables.  As economists and experienced university administrators we understand the challenges faced by universities and colleges in seeking to forecast their annual enrollments, for both undergraduate and graduate programs.  Our data analytic tools, experience working with higher education databases (e.g., IPEDS, College Board), ERP generated data and intimate knowledge of higher education makes HSSA an optimal partner for your enrollment management and institutional research divisions.  

CLASSROOM PLANNING ANALYTICS:  planning what courses to offer and what discipline of full-time or part-time faculty to hire can be a daunting task, term after term.  At HSSA we use descriptive analytics to analyze trends in course enrollment, changes in students' degree preferences and other factors to assist your institution in forecasting enrollment trends for specific courses.  This knowledge can assists deans and other administrators in the optimal planning of courses, and provide statistically valid information for their projected faculty needs.

SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL AID STRATEGIES: at HSSA we provide clients with a data-driven approach to financial aid management.  We assists clients is developing optimal strategies for the design and implementation of their financial aid matrices and for the dispensation of scholarship and other institutional aid.  

LONG RANGE ENROLLMENT FORECASTING: through our use of institutional, proprietary and public use databases we assists clients in forecasting their long-run enrollment trends, by employing our models of higher education predictive analytics, industry demand models and workforce demand estimations.  

SOCIAL MEDIA LISTENING AND ANALYTICS: through our ELIAS social media monitoring and listening services, we assists universities and colleges in developing and maintaining an optimal social media strategy. Our 24 hour listening, monitoring and keyword search engine makes HSSA an effective partner for your marketing and communications division.  While our data visualization tool makes the resultant social  media analytics readily accessible and easily understood.

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