ELIAS Survey Design & Analytics


Patient or customer satisfaction surveys

Predict and prioritize customers' and patients' needs and trends, identify key interactions and experiences that formulate their views concerning your business practices or overall interactions.  Key abreast of key engagements with patients and customers that have the most impact on their perceptions and behaviors.  Track your progress against baseline data, while engaging in continuous improvements in the services that you offer by establishing a closed loop feedback of information between you and your customers.  Use customer satisfaction to drive customer loyalty.


Employee workplace surveys

Engaging your employees and keep a pulse on their needs is a proven driver towards lower operational cost, increased productivity and increased revenue.  At HSSA our employee satisfaction surveys provide management with the knowledge and tools that are necessary for building positive employee relations and an overall positive work environment.  Our survey staff are experienced at designing and implementing employee satisfaction surveys that provide keen insights for creating the optimal work environment for your employees.  


Surveys customized to the needs of our clients

The most informative and effective surveys are those that are customized to assess the views, opinions and preferences of specifically targeted populations. At HSSA we specialize in constructing survey instruments that are designed specifically for gaining insights into the behaviors of sample populations that have unique work environments, purchasing behaviors, income levels, languages and geographical locations -- to mention a few. 

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