ELIAS makes discovering, scheduling, managing and reporting on social media content easier.  Respond quickly, precisely and effectively to discussions which impact your customers or business.  Contact us for a free 7-day trial.

Scheduling Your Content


ELIAS saves you time by scheduling your post, based upon a well defined social media strategy

Keep your social media active 24 hours per day, 7 days per week through the automatic scheduling of social media post simultaneously across all your social media accounts.  Put an end to signing into multiple accounts and opening numerous windows, just to be overwhelmed by unimportant communication threads.  Add blogging platforms to draft articles to keep your customers informed of industry trends.


Social Analytics

Track and confirm your ROI for establishing an well-structured social media strategy

Measure the impact of your social media campaigns through comprehensive reporting.  Measure conversations by social channels and separate ROI based upon the most effective social media channels. Monitor keywords to know what's being said out your brand on social networks and blogs.  ELIAS' social media listening tools help you to prioritize your replies by highlight whether mentions are positive, negative or neutral.  Let HSSA do the monitoring and responding in collaboration with you, such that you are able to focus on your business efforts instead of responding to the plethora of social media activities. 

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