Electronic Language Integrated Application System (ELIAS)

ELIAS is an HSSA secure cloud-based platform that offers clients an integrated system for managing their social media marketing accounts, reviewing the real-time results of data analytics and social media analytic for their businesses, conduct and evaluate patient and consumer surveys. The ELIAS academy offers customized online courses on an array of topics.

ELIAS Conducts Social Media Monitoring and Analytics Across The Most Popular SM Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Yelp, and several of the most popular social media platforms can be fully integrated into ELIAS.  Our application programming interface (API) allows for smooth and easy integration, thereby providing an efficient and effective method of social listening and keyword monitoring.  Clients may select to generate and interpret their own reports or rely upon HSSA to conduct their social media monitoring as part of an overall social media strategy,  

ELIAS Data Analytics and Data Visualization

Our data scientists specialize in extracting keen insights from complex data, and organizing it in such a way as to generate accurate and relevant predictive results.  Our user-friendly data visualization platform allows clients the ability to review and analyze data according to their strategic interest.   

ELIAS Academy

Relying upon our experiences as academics, executives and clinical practitioners, we have designed online courses that are of relevance for business owners and their employees.  In addition, we specialize in designing customized online courses for our clients on a vast array of topics.   

Integrated Social Media Management


Let ELIAS Seamlessly Manage Your Social Media Accounts

Manage your social networks, schedule meetings, engage with our audience and measure return on investment (ROI) from our all-in-one dashboard.  With ELIAS you can create an effective social media strategy, even if you don't have the time.  Let us manage your social media messaging and overall strategy, while providing you with regularly scheduled real-time reports. 

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Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

ELIAS Applies Predictive Analytics and Data Visualization Services for Your Business


Utilizing the most advanced econometric and statistical tools for time-series or cross-sectional databases is of import for designing and implementing an effective business strategy.  It is also important to create meaningful visuals of your data, in order to make information understandable to a broad array of decision makers.  Our data visualization tool provides easily understandable compilations and descriptions of the complex array of data that is generated by businesses and clinical practices.  Our visualization tool allows clients to focus on key variables and their impact when considering alternative strategies.  We make the results accessible and comprehensible to key decision makers, irrespective of their professional backgrounds.

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Survey Design and Implementation


ELIAS Provides Real-Time Feedback on Patient and Customer Satisfaction

We turn customer and patient feedback into real insights for your practice or business.  Our customized surveys allows clients to create conversations with their patients or customers, measure their experiences across all touch-points, prioritize and predict key drivers of customers' behaviors and assist in targeting areas of improvement in satisfying the needs of your patients or customers.

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Customized Online Courses and Training

ELIAS Provides Your Staff with Customized Online Courses, Tailored to Your Needs


HSSA's course designers and instructors, each of whom has held university faculty positions in the topical areas for which they teach, are committed to providing quality course content.  Our courses are tailored to your specific needs and are designed in collaboration with you.  A biography of the lecturer is provided beforehand, so to is the course syllabus. Course may be of short-duration (one hour or less) or consist of several module (covering several hours) of online lecturing.  Each course includes a separate login for learners, specified time for completion, individual and/or group statistics, clear objectives and measurable learning outcomes.

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