Data Analytics Services


Descriptive Analytics

Utilizing Descriptive Analytics we provide clients with rigorous assessments of the socioeconomic characteristics of their current and prospective customers, market share, competitiveness and relative economic positioning.  We integrate industrial organization, econometrics, and industry-specific expertise to provide clients with quantitative insight into the dynamics of their local or regional markets.


Predictive Analytics

Once internal and external data is collected, de-identified, cleaned and interpreted, we utilize advanced econometrics and statistical techniques to conduct Predictive Analytics, in order to forecast the purchasing and utilization behaviors of customers or patients.  As economists we utilize models that enhance our ability to make predictions about relevant outcomes that are of utmost importance to you.  


Prescriptive Analytics

Upon gaining keen insight into your market structure, the predicted behaviors of current and prospective customers or patients, we then employ Prescriptive Analytics to formulate concrete recommendations based upon our data analyses and its implications.  This information coupled with our ELIAS social-media analytics platform provides a level of detail that enables you to make informed strategically focused business decisions.

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Reporting and Recommendations

At Health and Social Sector Analysis (HSSA) we work closely with clients at each stage of the consulting process. In addition to well-written, detailed, precise and timely reports, we also employ big data visualization tools for making the results of our work readily accessible and understandable to individuals of varying professional backgrounds.  

CLARITY: we work closely with clients from the project design phase to delivery of the final agreed upon products. We conduct regularly scheduled meetings to ensure that each aspect of your project is of utmost clarity to you, on-time and within budget.    

DETAILED AND PRECISE: we provide clients with an optimal balance of detail throughout the reporting cycle.  We do not bombarded clients with extraneous information and complex jargon; instead we present information in a way that it is precise, concise, comprehensible and easily understood.  This is aided by our use of data visualization tools. 

RELIABILITY:  our data analytic team are experienced professionals who continue to publish in academic peer-reviewed journals.  The data analytic techniques that we employ constitute the most reliable and robust modeling techniques to date.

REPORT AND PRESENTATION: our technical report writing is of the highest standard.  Each report is extensively checked for grammar, data reliability, consistency and precision, and must go through several rounds of draft review prior to dissemination by the senior technical leadership team.  In addition to the final report and recommendations, each report includes a separate executive summary and PowerPoint presentation that is designed to your specifications.


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